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Social Media Request Form

If you are unable to upload a video file via the form due to device restrictions or the size of the file, please feel free to email the file directly to us at along with additional details.

Photo Tips

Space for Cropping
When possible please allow some space for our team to crop images. Depending on the format, we may need to crop the image as a square, horizontal, or vertical frame.

Rule of Thirds
​Framing Your Subject Using the Rule of Thirds
Now that you have a better idea of your phone’s specs and settings, it’s time to forget all that. You don’t need to know anything about aperture, depth of field or contrast ratios to take a great picture. All of that helps, but captivating photos are all about how you frame your subject.

The Rule of Thirds states that you should align the interesting parts of your subject — the horizon, buildings, a tree, a subject’s eyes — with the grid’s lines and intersections for maximum dramatic effect. The eye is naturally drawn along these lines, even when there’s no visible grid, so create pleasing shots by placing the best parts of your shot along the grid. Fight the temptation to center your subject, and you’ll be surprised with the results of this simple adjustment.

Knowing how your smartphone reacts to different lighting situations is key to taking good photos. Smartphones typically handle sunny outdoor environments and well-lit interiors well; ambient light is great, direct sunlight is fine, but backlighting is harder. When possible, make sure window or interior lighting is front facing. 


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